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  4. To Whom much is given, much is expected./David Halton

デービット ホルトン代表

To Whom much is given, much is expected./David Halton



CEO, Founder David Halton



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  • Q1.過去に困難を乗り越えた体験を教えてください

    There are too many but our biggest challenge became key to the success of BodyPlus.

    When I was in my mid 20's, I thought I could do it all and tried to run 3 companies at once, 2 in Japan and 1 in the US. After a few years of success, our US business became very ill and after I put all of my personal money and much of our Japanese companies' resources into saving it, ultimately it was bankrupt.

    At the same time, our import business was built on a few products manufactured in the US. We had a problem with customs and we were no longer able to import or sell our main products. This meant that we would be out of business when our remaining inventory ran out. We had 6 weeks at most before I would have to lay everyone off and shutter the doors.

    Unless we could produce replacement products in Japan and switch our customers to our brands, within 6 weeks.

    Not only did we need to start a new business - manufacturing sports supplements in Japan, we had no contacts, no business history and no money, in fact the US company left me 6000man in debt.

    It seemed so overwhelming that I was depressed and needed to take antidepressants just to go to the office and put on an act that things were OK. I even thought for a brief moment that I could spare my family more debt if I died.

    Thankfully, I knew feeling sorry for myself, dwelling in fear and giving up was not going to get us through it.

    So I contacted a supplement manufacturing company and in broken Japanese somehow set up a meeting with the president.

    He must have seen something in my desperation because after hearing my story during that first meeting, he told me he would make all of the products we needed within 8 weeks and I could pay him back when I was able to. There was no time for happy tears, I knew I now needed to sell like a madman and pay him back.

    This is how our original brands, HALEO and BulkSports was born and this time of difficulty became our strongest asset because we did not give up.


    問題の大きさに圧倒され、鬱症になり、会社で何事もないかのように振る舞うために抗鬱剤を飲みながら出勤しました。束の間でしたが死んだ方が家族にこれ以上の負債を負わせなくて済むかとも考えました。 しかし幸いにも、自分を哀れんで恐怖に浸り、すべてを放棄しても事態を乗り越えることは出来ないと気が付きました。


    There are no secrets to this, just 3 basic rules:

    1) First, your company must be built to provide products or services with a pure and true intention of making a positive impact on life.

    This becomes the core function for your company, where the majority of your people's energy is directed.
    If your core direction deviates from this, you never can create a great brand.
    For example, some companies aim to be the cheapest so their core function shifts from:

    "How can we do our part in improving the lives of our customers?"


    "How can we make our products cheaper than Brand A?".

    When a company's core function is being cheapest, lower priority is given to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Without these as the driving manifest for your company, you cannot capture customer's hearts.

    2) Secondly, as a business leader, you need to have a good sense of all costs and sales of every SKU your company offers.
    Because you need to make so many quick, critical decisions throughout the day, you need to know the profit margin you are running on each product or service.
    When you run a larger business, this is obviously very difficult to do but, thats our job as decision makers.

    3) Sell! To be a profitable business, you can only do two things: sell more or reduce costs. Reducing costs often hurts our customers so I prefer to sell more. Sales cures all.


    これが会社の中枢機能となり、そこに社員のエネルギーが注がれる。 会社の中心的方針がこれより外れると、優れたブランドを作ることは出来ない。 例えば会社の目的が最安値の製品だったとすると、その会社の中枢機能は 「どうすれば顧客の生活の改善に役立つことが出来るか?」 から 「どうすればA ブランドより安い製品をつくれるか?」にシフトしてしまう。





    「To Whom much is given, much is expected. 」


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    • To Whom much is given, much is expected./David Halton